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Lip Filler Dissolving Injections

Lip filler dissolving treatment, also known as filler or hyaluronic acid (HA) reversal, is a procedure designed to safely and effectively reverse the effects of dermal fillers that have been previously injected into the lips.

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Aesthetic correction of the nose profile and shape

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Surgical Brow Lift

Surgical procedure to correct sagging brows and achieve brow symmetry

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Fat Trilogy Facial Rejuvenation

Integrated procedure to restore youthfulness to the face

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Anti Wrinkle Injections

Targeted treatment to smooth and soften fine lines and wrinkles in the face

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Surgical Lip Lift

Surgical lip lift

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Lip Augmentation Surgery

Designed for natural results, this lip augmentation surgery uses autologous graft to add long-lasting volume, shape and structure to the lips with natural tissue. As an alternative to dermal fillers, the graft is first harvested from your body under local anaesthetic before being purified to safely insert into the lips.

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Chin Correction

Surgical augmentation of the chin using an implant or fat transfer injections.

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Earlobe Correction

Correction of split earlobe

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Ear Correction

Surgical procedure to pin back protruding ears

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