Consultation with a Plastic Surgeon


Book a private consultation with Dr. Andreas to discuss your wellbeing objectives, areas of concern and (surgical and non-surgical) needs. The 60 minute consultation will allow you to explore possible treatment options in confidence with a highly experienced Plastic Surgeon, informed by an in-depth consultation and a holistic health assessment including medical history. Dr. Andreas will duly recommend a bespoke treatment package designed to deliver safe, effective results that address your wellbeing objectives, whilst taking into consideration any upcoming events or commitments you may have.



Pre Treatment Advice

If you are unwell including covid symotoms, please inform us. In the event of a no show you will still be charged 50%


Post Treatment Advice

The relevant doctor will advise on any adjustments needed for existing medication. There will be some lifetsyle-related adjustments needed prior to surgery. You will be asked to stop smoking. Where relevant you will be asked to exercise and lose weight prior to surgery. Refrain from alcohol.