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1st Jul 2024



Here at The Galen Clinic, we live by one philosophy for life: finding the right balance between the best of modern medicine and ancient Greek wisdom. 

There is something truly enriching about learning from our ancestors and expanding on their knowledge with the newfound science which we have been graced with today. 

Opened in Spring 2024, you can find The Galen Clinic, founded by Dr Andreas Androulakakis and his wife Popi Makri, in the heart of London’s prestigious Harley Street. Inspired by the Greek philosophy towards health and wellness, Dr Andreas Androulakakis wanted to combine this ideology with the advancements in medicine for which he practiced. This led him and his wife to form our Wellness Clinic in London which is now open and accepting new patients. exterior of The Galen Clinic

The philosophy behind The Galen Clinic 

We live in an epoch of acceleration, where everything happens faster, busier, and in an unprecedented rush. So it might seem strange that the Galen Clinic is inspired by a much slower time and pace as practiced by Claudius Galenus.  

Claudius Galenus, after whom The Galen Clinic is named, was a prominent Greek philosopher and surgeon who lived between 129 AD to 216 AD. He believed in holistic care, emphasising balance within your lifestyle and a rational understanding of health and disease. He took the four pillars of Hippocrates and expanded them into the four pillars of modern lifestyle medicine: 

Relax. Eat. Move. And Sleep.

Making this philosophy a reality 

Today at Galen, we bring the best of modern and functional medicine together with some of the world’s leading specialists under one roof. But while our warm, calming, state-of-the art space boasts the best that science can offer, it is still rooted in the holistic principles of Claudius Galenus.

We aim to treat the whole person rather than just the disease or aesthetic concern so that together we can all Relax more, Eat better, Move more freely, and Sleep a restful night’s sleep – just as Claudius Galenus once envisaged.

Dr. Andreas Androulakakis

A word from our founder Dr. Andreas Androulakakis

“What makes an aesthetic plastic surgeon want to open a holistic clinic? It might seem unusual to want to create The Galen Clinic with my wife and co-founder, Popi Makri, after 30 years of operating successfully on patients, but to me, it was an obvious next step. 

I could see my patients benefiting from the surgical procedures, but what if their health and happiness could be age-proofed with a new approach to progressive wellbeing based on the ancient principles of Claudius Galenus? I wanted to redefine beauty and aesthetic intervention by combining it with science-engineered healthcare, physical transformation and emotional wellbeing – yet still based on the wisdom of the four pillars of Rest, Eat, Move and Sleep.

The space itself was key, but so was my colleagues, who have been hand-picked from those I have worked with over my extensive career. I trust them implicitly, always in admiration of their breadth of knowledge and experience, as well as their devotion to improving our lifespan and our healthspan.

My own specialities for the face include PRP treatments and fat trilogy rejuvenation. I am also known for my signature breast surgery procedure – a full breast uplift using a patient’s own fat, with or without implants, to create a full breast that looks natural, a procedure that has been perfected over 15 years.”

Meet the fellow doctors working at The Galen Clinic

Dr Nathan Curran

Dr. Nathan Curran, GP and Functional Medicine Practitioner

BMedSci, MBChB, DipOH, AFMCP, DipNutrMed

Specialises in disease prevention, age management, weight control, hormonal balance, and longevity.  Dr Curran brings valuable insight into the application of nutritional and lifestyle strategies to Galen, bolstering our clinical offering with his training as a medical doctor combined with a human curiosity for holistic and patient-focused care

Dr George Tselentakis

Dr. George Tselentakis, Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon 

FRCS (Tr & Orth), PHD 

Consults for all aspects of knee surgery, including anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) reconstruction, meniscal repairs, articular cartilage regeneration techniques, knee replacement, revision knee replacement and complex ligament reconstruction surgery.

Dr Theodore Nanidi

Dr. Theodore Nanidis, Senior Medical Director

Consultant Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeon MBBS, BSc (Hons), MPhil (Cantab), FRCS (Plast)

Specialises in all aspects of surgery of the breast and trunk and is truly fortunate to have a practice, where he can offer a mixture of cosmetic and complex reconstructive procedures for his patients.

Dr Catherine Borysiewicz

Dr. Catherine Borysiewicz, Consultant dermatologist

Renowned dermatologist and key opinion leader who draws on a wealth of experience to assist in solving all your dermatology skin concerns, including acne, psoriasis, and skin cancers.

Dr. Zia Stratos

Dr. Zia Stratos, U.S. trained Medical Doctor and U.K. certified Registered Associate Nutritionist

MD, MSc, BA, ANutr

Dr. Zia Stratos is Head of our Nutrition Team at The Galen Clinic and works seamlessly with Dr Nathan Curran and has many years of experience counselling individuals on how to form healthier, sustainable habits.

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