Body Fat Dissolving

Reclaim control of your body with a revolutionary treatment that makes it possible to target and reduce small pockets of unwanted fat in the body, resulting in permanent fat loss. Working in harmony with the body's lymphatic system, an FDA approved product that includes the enzymes (5 phosphatidylcholine and deoxycholate) is injected into the target areas. This will slowly dissolve the fat cells, allowing the natural processes of the body to clear away the broken down cells thus removing and reducing the appearance of fat deposits. As a flexible treatment, it can be used anywhere and popular areas include the under arms, underneath the bra line, the flanks, the stomach and the knees. This can also assist with removing unwanted fat deposits after liposuction. For optimal results, a course of injections is recommended.

Procedure time
1 hour 


Approx recovery time
1-2 days



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On the day the procedure takes approx. 1 hour.



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5 phosphatidylcholine and Deoxycholate injections are a non-surgical cosmetic treatment used for reducing local unwanted fat in different areas of the body and face. These enzymes that helps the body break down and absorb dietary fats.


The Enzymes are injected into the unwanted fat using a fine needle in a series of small injections. The injections are typically spaced apart in a specific pattern to ensure even distribution of the product.

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The enzymes are working works by disrupting the cell membrane of the fat cells, causing them to break down. This process results in the destruction of the fat cells, which are then naturally eliminated by the body's lymphatic system.

Multiple treatment sessions may be required to achieve the desired results, typically spaced several weeks apart.

Dr. Andreas Androulakakis

M.D Consultant Plastic Surgeon, Cosmetic and Reconstructive

Dr. Andreas Androulakakis stands at the helm of Galen. His founding vision for a centre of holistic health is rooted in the belief that wellbeing comes from full enjoyment of the human experience as much as it benefits from medical science.

As a Plastic Surgeon and Aesthetic Doctor, recognised around the world, his devotion to realising the wellbeing goals of his patients has remained consistent throughout his extensive career. Specialising in Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, for which he receives consistently high client satisfaction rates, over the years he has developed a significant interest in Aesthetic Medicine.