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Functional Medicine Pathway

The nature of Functional Medicine dictates that it is not a quick fix solution but rather a comprehensive and complex approach and that in order to see results, an initial commitment of 3 months is highly recommended. We have many years of experience working with patients and we are able to draw on this experience to formulate the perfect individualised Functional Medicine treatment pathway for you. We suggest that each functional medicine journey starts with a consultation. During the consultation, your practitioner will explore and explain some of the reasons for your current situation and offer guidance and possible treatment options within the Functional Medicine Pathway. The consultation is a perfect opportunity to give a clearer idea of how Functional Medicine can help you, before making any decisions to investigate your health further. An initial consultation is perfect for you if you would like to know more before committing to a long term pathway.



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Our 3 month pathway typically follows the structure below. Please note, this is only a guide and it is sometimes necessary to deviate from this structure depending on the individual patient. The pathway includes 6 hours of consultation time with your practitioner and will typically run for approximately 3 months from the date of your first consultation. (We request that all consultations within the pathway are used within a 4 month period). We allocate a clinical lead for each patient and this will be the practitioner you will have your consultations with. Our practitioners do however work collaboratively on each case and in some instances, you may have 2 practitioners present during a consultation. All consultations can be done via Zoom or face to face as requested. Within this 3 month pathway, 5 additional hours of professional time is allocated for additional research and preparation around your file. With each patient a considerable amount of time must be spent reviewing the case history notes, discussing your case with our other practitioners and continuing research of the most up to date medical literature around your condition. It also includes administrative time spent organising the ordering of laboratory diagnostic testing kits, analysing test results, writing up programmes, and organising supplementation.


GP and Functional Medicine Practitioner BMedSci, MBChB, DipOH, AFMCP, DipNutrMed

Dr. Nathan Curran brings valuable insight into the application of nutritional and lifestyle strategies to Galen, bolstering our clinical offering with his training as a medical doctor combined with a human curiosity for holistic and patient-focused care.