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3rd Jul 2024


Discovering Your Optimal Self: The Art of Functional Medicine

Feeling good in your skin is a multi-step process that requires self-love, finding your outer beauty and a better understanding of your inner state to perform at your fullest potential. 

Conventional healthcare aims to restore you back to a good level of health. But what about feeling better, stronger, and functioning beyond what is expected? Through a personalised healthcare approach, you can achieve your optimal health and live the life you’ve always aspired to.

This transformation is attainable through functional medicine, a holistic approach to wellness that embraces a comprehensive view of the patient to not only treat them, but also improve their quality of life moving forward. 

What does functional medicine mean? 

Functional Medicine is a patient-centred approach to diagnosing and treating health conditions. Through a comprehensive functional health assessment, our esteemed specialists will meticulously examine the entirety of an individual to unveil and address the root causes of health concerns.

You may dismiss your body’s subtle signals as mere inconveniences of daily life. But symptoms such as fatigue, mood swings and digestive issues could be conveying more than you realise. In a fast-paced world where there is always something to tick off your agenda, these minor conditions often get relegated to the bottom of your priorities. 

However, these signals could be indicating an underlying imbalance within your body. This is where our functional medicine experts excel, delving beyond the surface of your health concerns to address the underlying causes rather than merely silencing the symptoms. Consequently, restoring you to your optimal self to tackle the challenges that life throws at you with renewed vitality and confidence.

How does functional medicine work alongside aesthetic procedures?

Enhancing your appearance can improve your wellbeing and confidence, but if your inner self is wrecking havoc on your body, the benefits of aesthetic procedures may be limited. By seamlessly blending the principles of functional health and wellness with our aesthetic offerings, we ensure not only an enhancement in your outward appearance but also a profound elevation of your inner state.

Attaining a state of inner peace and emotional balance is paramount for feeling at ease within our own skin. After all, true beauty emanates from the harmonious alignment of both physical allure and mental tranquility.

To guide you towards becoming your ideal self, we recommend taking a functional health screening prior to any aesthetic procedure. This approach allows our esteemed functional medicine experts to assess your current state and underlying conditions, thereby crafting a bespoke functional health assessment plan to boost your overall well-being.

So once you’ve enhanced your beauty, you can also restore your health and rebuild your confidence ready to embrace the world at your peak condition.women smiling after a functional medicine treatment at The Galen Clinic

The Galen Clinic and functional medicine – what to expect? 

The Galen Clinic was established upon the philosophical ideas of Claudius Galenus, a prominent Greek philosopher and surgeon revered for his holistic approach to care. Our functional health and wellness specialists seamlessly intertwine the pinnacle of modern medical advancement and the holistic doctrines of Claudius Galenus together under one roof. Curating a space that offers state-of-the art equipment and modern facilities where individuals can feel revitalised both inside and out. 

For our patients, we adopt a personalised approach to the attainment of optimal health. Through cutting-edge diagnostic tools and comprehensive analysis, our experienced functional medicine experts will undertake a full functional health assessment to uncover the underlying causes of your health concerns. 

As we delve deep into your medical history, lifestyle, and unique genetic makeup we can meticulously discern who you are, the challenges you face, and craft a tailored strategy to rejuvenate your essence.

We may recommend treatments such as bio-identical hormone replacement therapy, vitamin rebalancing through shots or IV drips optimally supporting immune function and detoxification pathways, all with the intention of revitalising your inner self.

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Whether you’re struggling with chronic conditions, seeking to boost your energy levels, or simply aiming for a healthier life, our Functional Medicine practices offer you a chance to regain control over your health and reignite the flame of vitality within your being.Interior of The Galen Clinic

Starting your wellness journey with The Galen Clinic

Book an online consultation with one of our skilled Functional Medicine experts to rediscover your confidence and feel great in your skin once more. To learn more about the clinic call our expert team at +44 (0)203 839 5050. They will be available to answer all of your questions and make you feel comfortable and familiar with our approach at The Galen Clinic.